Kay Schuttel
Studio Marnixstraat 150
L31016     ET Amsterdam
Kay Schuttel is an interdisciplinary artist working with text, sound and performance. In her practice she moves in between storytelling, sound art and choreography. Intrigued by social codes and unwritten rules embedded in everyday live behavior, Schuttel explores the performative aspects of the habitual. Her focus is on the formation of new bodily movements and the use language generated by the evolution of communication tools, recording devices, and mediated daily rituals.
Schuttel has recently performed at Hangar, Barcelona (ES), Estruch, Sabadell (ES), CTM /Transmediale Berlin (DE), Unsound, Krakow (Pl), OGR, Turin (IT), Homesession, Barcelona (ES) and Cripta747, Turin (IT)

Next to her solo practice Schuttel has an ongoing collaboration with sound artist Rubén Patiño (ES). In 2020 they premiered at CTM / Transmediale 2020 (Berlin) festival with the performance No Laughing Matter, in which they combined multichannel electronic music with live performance. A spatial work in which they explored laughing as a human gesture and the sound of laughter as compositional material for psychological conditioning. After this they have created an interactive soundwalk for Unsound in 2020 (Poland/Online), a sound piece and script for OGR (Torino) and a performative composition for mobile phones in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 2021.
In 2023 they performed their most recent work Skin Care as part of the Rareficcio sound festival in Hangar, Barcelona (ES). Skin Care is a series of sonic compositions that aim to re-signify the use of language in relation to social media and beauty.
The piece attempts to generate a sensorial experience that combines story telling, ASMR, poetry and experimental music.

Schuttel has a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Den Haag) and received her Master of Film from the Netherlands Film Academy (Amsterdam). She is a tutor in Time-Based Media at the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), where she is representative of the Design Studies within the Fundamental (bachelor) program. Since 2023 she guides Graduate Students at the Design Academy Eindhoven

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