Kay Schuttel

On Demand 2019

The body as a tool

Stand by 2019

To be ready to do something or to not take action when you should

Together Alone 2019

Stuck movements that the machine itself requires

Where are you now? 2018

Emphasising the isolation of each individual

How are you? 2017

Upon each encounter the phrase is replayed, each time emphasising the performance of language distanced from its original meaning:

Viewpoint 2016

Control the reality:

BeeldTaal 2015

An estrangement between the sound and image:

If the wall would be the floor 2016

A room without gravity:

Moving the Frame 2016

Public become performers:

Live 7.30 2014

My point of departure was to deconstruct the principle of film by separating its three key components: audio, imagery and time. By means of live performance and real-time playback or both:

0:0 2015

Visual descriptions of physical spaces:

Déjà Vu 2013

The effect of mediatised reality: